Detaclip provides durability and peace of mind

Detaclips are designed to last and securely hold your detanators for a guaranteed 5 years

How is Detaclip safer for your workforce on the railway?

Our product has been designed to give you the performance and safety you would expect and need when working on railway lines, performing track maintenance and repairs.

It has been designed from the ground up using flexible and durable materials delivering full term working life span of your detonators.

% saving on detonator exendature

What Does it Do?

Detaclip has been designed to hold a standard railway fog signal/detonator within its jaws to then be securely held on any track profile.

It has been rigorously tested to Network Rail’s standards and above. It has been proven to hold a detonator more securely in situ over the existing lead-strap method.

It can withstand constant use and is guaranteed for 5 years, it will stay where you put it on the track until removed.

Although safety is our first concern, Detaclip will give you a cost saving and effective return on investment, giving you up to 75% savings on your detonator expenditure.

Health & Safety

Laying Detonators

Under the present system it is common for staff laying detonators to have the lead straps fail during the laying, lifting and re-laying of a block. They potentially may have insufficient spares left to replace the broken ones. During the trial of Detaclip this scenario never arose as there was never a failure of our product. The same clips and detonators were used throughout the trial. To date we have still not had one failure.

By the adoption of Detaclips safety for the person laying detonators can be enhanced along with that of colleagues working on site as they have a product that is not going to fail them when they need it most.

Handling Lead

Detaclip is at the forefront in offering a solution to the daily handling of lead on detonators.

By adopting the use of Detaclips staff can reduce their contact with lead to zero on every occasion a detonator is handled.

Lead oxide dust

This is said to be more harmful than contact with lead. This is ever present both on the detonators and in the carrying cases. By the removal of the lead strap at the point issue it decreases the possibility of having lead oxide dust.

By adopting the use of Detaclips elimination of contact with lead and white lead oxide dust can be achieved.


We understand that on occasions detonators could be discarded on railway property in an incorrect manner by simply discarding them on site. This should be unacceptable and presents a potential danger especially if they fall into the hands of children or others who should not be on railway property.

Where Detaclips are employed this situation can be avoided.



Our product is made from a Copolymer Plastic which has many attributes. Strength, Stability, Durability and Recyclable being just some. All of these attributes have a long term benefits to the environment. The strength stability and durability gives us the prolonged life span we sought. This in turn elevates the constant need to replace detonators as under the present system.


We supply our products in a woven cotton bag which is recyclable.

We believe that we have minimized our carbon footprint as much as possible. We will continue to seek improvements as and when available.


Our packaging for delivery is all recycled cardboard. This may again be recycled after use. For smaller packages a recyclable plastic envelope is used.


Under the present system detonators with broken lead straps should be returned to stores for proper ordinance disposal. This in turn means more transport to return old detonators to the ordinance depot for disposal along with the associated financial cost and carbon costs. We are not even sure where to start to assess the environmental impact of these actions. We leave you to draw your own conclusions.

We know that with the use Detaclips it will reduce this issue dramatically.

Lead Reduction in Workplace

We have not come across anyone who has been able to tell us officially what should happen to the lead straps once they have broken off the detonator in the work place. Unofficially, we have been told that they are often left at the track side. We have deduced from our trial reports the failure rate of detonator straps. On this basis we are able to estimate that approximately 936 Kilos of lead a year is potentially left at trackside locations.

Detaclips reduce the amount of lead being disposed of in the work place.

Reduce and Reuse

When you use Detaclips further major benefits to the environment will be achieved. The number of replacement detonators you will need should be practically zero.

This means a reduction in basic raw materials used in the manufacture of detonators and the associated carbon costs.

The Jennings detonator retaining clip has been proven to be fit for purpose through exhaustive laboratory testing and high speed site trial. The clip has been proven to stay in place on the rail head in conditions exceeding international standards EN50125, as well as under additional simulated rail corrugation test. High speed site trial at 100mph showed faultless performance.

In comparison to the traditional method of fixing the detonator to the track with lead strap, the Jennings detonator retaining clip offers a higher performance in terms of vibration resistance and fatigue life.

In our product trial it was reported by the staff that the detonators were held more securely to the rail head where our clips were employed. This was on all rail profiles and in all weather conditions. This has now been proven by laboratory testing as above.

Our trial participants reported that they, “felt safer using Detaclips and that safety all round had been improved.”

– Extract from DeltaRail Report